Our Mission

Help Pakistani underprivileged youth (16-21 year olds) by teaching them arts and crafts, developing their skills and increasing their self worth.

Our Vision

In the next 5-10 years is to take ARTEL to an institute level, have a training program for underprivileged youth, giving them not only diplomas but a platform to sell from.


ARTEL started on 16th, August 1995. We were a group of four friends who wanted to do something creative and useful during vacations. We started by exhibiting in Pearl Continental Hotel, seeking sponsors and our purpose was then to revive the dying art of pottery for which we engaged potters and trained them to develop pieces according to our requirement. Hence, the name: ARTEL, which literally means “a group of craftsmen and designers”. We also engaged in recycling paper and sawdust. Every other year we would work towards an exhibition, which was very well received. By 1998, my friends went on to pursue their respective fields in which they excel today and I continued with ARTEL.

ARTEL had its foundation based on ethical values, which I wanted to continue. Having already succeeded in engaging and training local potters, ARTEL continued with its mission to make a difference in society. I started training underprivileged youth with little or no educational background. That is the story behind ARTEL.


ARTEL has a design unique, signature design philosophy that has developed over the years. An ARTEL piece can be identified through by its individual design philosophy no matter where it is spotted in the world.

Besides our design philosophy, what keeps ARTEL growing is its purpose.

Strategic Objectives

To reduce the number of 'jobs' & locations needed to fulfill income by creating a livelihood mechanism.

To empower 16-19 to play an active role in trade & traditional artisan culture Empowerment of family units through home working.

Besides our design philosophy, what keeps ARTEL growing is its purpose.


The Artisan Trade line will not only provide employment for these women and family members but profits from sales reinvested into the business to create a structured livelihood programme . We aim to build this to provide healthcare, education.


Reduce the risk of molestation and physical abuse

Enhanced self esteem

Improved family functionality

Systematic livelihood


January 2015 : PONDS Miracle Woman 2015

March 2015 : Judges Special Recognition Award at The National CSR Awards by The CSR Association of Pakistan.

June 2015 : Impact Assessment by The Professionals'Network.